Pool Leaks

Pool Leaks

Pool Leaks & Repairs in Columbia, SC

At Lanier Pools LLC, serving the Columbia, SC area, we help pool owners with their leak problems. Not only can leaks be structural, but leaks can also be found in the drains, skimmers, and return lines. Most of the time, leaks can be detected and repaired without having to drain the whole pool. 

Once the leak is found, we will provide you with an estimate. Small jobs may be done the same day whereas larger jobs may take a day or more to fully complete. At Lanier Pools LLC, we take our repair services seriously and make sure you are satisfied with the repair before we leave the site.

Quality Repairs For Your Pool Leaks

Vinyl liners may eventually deteriorate and cause leaks. If there are small punctures, it should be able to be repaired with a patch. If the leak has been there for a while, water could get behind the liner causing the liner to stretch and pull from the top. If you notice a leak, contact us right away as this could save you from costly liner replacements. 

If leaks are found in the return, skimmer or suction lines, the ground around the pool may need to be broken up to access the line that requires repair. Other repairs in the pump or main drain may need more attention. 

If you think you are experiencing a pool leak, contact the pool contractors at Lanier Pools LLC as soon as possible. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with your repairs.

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